Which Rowing Machine?

Rowing MachineWhen it comes to buying a new or used rowing machine, its important to look for both comfort and durability. Good quality rowing machines tend not to come cheap, therefore you need one that will last you a long time. It will also need to be comfortable, as to be effective your rowing machine will need to be used fairly frequently and for relatively long periods of time. You don't want to have to end your exercise routine early just because of a sore behind!

Other things to look for in a good quality rowing machine include smooth movement of the seat and chain - this adds to the comfort of the machine and ensures you get the most out of your exercise. Also, a high quality of construction helps to ensure the durability of the rowing machine. Make sure it doesn't have any loose joints or flexing in parts such as the seat runner.

Rowing Machine Reviews

A helpful tool in finding a suitable rowing machine is to check rowing machine reviews from other buyers. These can be found at most online stores that sell rowing machines and plenty of fiteness machine review sites. It's also possible to check fitness magazines in your local shop or supermarket, where you'll no doubt find a variety of product reviews including rowing machines.

Compare Rowing Machines

With the number of different types and makes of rowing machines available, it's important to choose the right one to suit your needs. There are currently 3 types of rowing machines available - air rowers, water rowers and magnetic rowers. The most popular type of rower is probably the air rower, which rely on air resistance from a fan being turned by the user. Water rowers simulate the effects of a boat in water, while magnetic rowers provide resistance through a magnetic breaking system providing a silent workout.

Benefits Of Rowing Machines

Whether you're trying to get fit for a sporting event, lose weight for the summer or simply want to add to your existing exercise routines, there are many different machines out there that will work different parts of your body. The benefit of rowing machines is that they provide arguably the best form of exercise for the whole of your body. After a session on a rowing machine it's very unlikely there will be a single part of your body that doesn't feel like it's had a good workout!

This extra level of movement makes the ergo machine a great way to improve flexibility and strength as well as burning calories. Rowing machines provide an impact-free form of exercise, and allow for changing the level of resistance to as little or as much as you want, meaning it's ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.