Kettler Rowing Machines

Kettler Rowing MachineKettler rowing machines are produced by the Heinz Kettler group, a leading manufacturer of leisure equipment under a multitude of popular brands. Established in Germany in 1949, the group produce a variety of sports and fitness equipment as well as rowing machines.

Kettler rowing machines are entry-level to mid-range rowing machines, offering a perfect chance for those who are unsure of a rowing machine's effectiveness in their fitness regime to test them out. A combination of advanced and easy to understand features mean there is great choice in the Kettler rowing machine range without having to pay top money. Whether you find air rowers or magnetic rowers more effective, the Kettler range includes a variety of options.

Compare Kettler Rowing Machines

Kettler rowing machines range from the relatively cheap and inexpensive Kettler Favorit rowing machine to the top of the range Kettler Edition X-Row E3 Rower. You can find all manner of features across the range, giving plenty of options to compare.