Tunturi Rowing Machines

Tunturi Rowing MachineThe Tunturi name has been synonimous with high quality fitness equipment across Europe for over 80 years, specialising in treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing machines. Tunturi rowing machines, while not the cheapest rowing machines, offer a high quality option with numerous features available across their range of rowers.

One particular feature of Tunturi rowing machines is that many of the models are foldable, making them ideal for use in the home while remaining easy to store out of the way when not being used.

Benefits of Tunturi Rowing Machines

An expert in entry level rowing machines, Tunturi rowers offer incredibly easy to use and learn qualities, as well as prices that are unlikely to break the bank! Features such as multi level resistance, preset programmes and a feedback console prove that Tunturi rowing machines can be an ideal addition to a fitness regime.

Tunturi Rowing Machine Models

Below is a selection of Tunturi rowers available to buy:

  • Tunturi R30 Indoor Rower
  • Tunturi R60 Programmable Folding Rower with T-Pulse
  • Tunturi R25 Magnetic Rowing Machine
  • Tunturi R35 Folding Rowing Machine
  • Tunturi R60 Folding Rowing Machine